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dxo helps you compare cameras easy!

Seen and heardPosted by Stefan Sun, May 24, 2009 12:23:24
I just discovered dxomark.com and played around with it for a while.
This is a great tool for potential camera buyers to use for there own head to head
comparing and would be at help when you are about to decide witch of the cameras
in your price selected competitors to buy.

I brought up two cameras that have had many head to head discussions over the
last year, the Nikon D300 vs the newer cheaper (And also slightly less bulletproof) Nikon D90 just to find out if the newer D90 is as good as the D300 in respect of image quality.

Well, in all but frame rate and bit count - the winner is D90!
More details on D300 vs D90 HERE!
The orange colored bar DxOMark Sensor is a sensor raw quality bar, this
is explained by DxO below!

DxOMark Sensor ranks cameras based on real-life photographic scenarios

Objective measurements of RAW image quality are an essential component of any analysis of digital cameras. DxO Labs has developed a new scale for digital camera image quality performance, called DxOMark Sensor, to serve as an additional tool to help photographers rank and compare digital cameras.

Essentials about the DxOMark Sensor scale:

DxOMark Sensor measures only the RAW image quality of a digital camera; therefore, DxOMark Sensor is NOT an evaluation of overall camera image quality or performance.
DxOMark Sensor is a logarithmic scale
in which a 5-point increase corresponds to a sensitivity gain of 1/3 of a stop.
DxOMark Sensor AND resolution:
two metrics of sensor performance.

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