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Ken Rockwell and Nikon D3x

Seen and heardPosted by Stefan Sun, January 11, 2009 00:07:22
Most people interested in photograpy and photography gear have heard of
Ken Rockwell, this man makes people use words that should never have been used.

Recently he took the initiative of a boycott of the new Nikon D3x due to the way
Nikon try to rob photographers on there money...
"The D3X wins, but I wouldn't actually buy one unless you have money to earn with it right now. The price will undoubtedly come down as a result of the boycott, and even if you do break the boycott and buy one, when the d700x comes out, you're going to want one instead for its better handing, design, size and weight."

Anyhow Ken has now broken the boycott himself due to heavy requests for a review
from his readers :0)

Get the latest news and the D3x review from Ken here!

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