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SSD hard drives Hoax?

Seen and heardPosted by Stefan Sun, January 04, 2009 15:09:22
The new Solid State Drives SSD are claimed to be both faster and less power consuming computer storage devices.

Lots of tests has shown that faster they are but now Tom's harware.com claims that the SSD drives actually draw more juice from your precious batteries and hereby actually reduces runtime on your power outletless resort.
Tom's hardware

I still want a couple of those drives since they would improve the performance of memory and disk usage intensive applications like PS CS4 a lot!

Imagine a system with 4 SSD disks in a RIAD array with 2 disks as system disk and 2 of them configured to be virtual memory / swap disk for PS JummmmmY :0)

I will try it in the future when the prices has come down to a level for mortals!
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