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RED makes DSLR killer?

Seen and heardPosted by Stefan Fri, October 31, 2008 10:58:28
The Video cam company RED has announced to rewrite the rules for
digital DSLR cameras.
The working name for this new DSLR killer machine is RED DSMC and is an
abbreviation for "Digital still and motion camera"

Hints of how it might look has been posted at several places on the web
It is a RED scarlet style camera with supplementary delux DSLR style handgrip.

Rumors talks about full frame 35mm sensor but also 9x16 format available.
Film quality 1080p @ up to 100 frames/s (Future upgrades possible)
If this is true and this DSLR killer will carry some of the most wanted fetures
of RED products like the upcoming Epic we will have a cool looking DSLR that
are fully upgradable in the respects of:

Mirrorless design with optical viewfinder
Upgradable sensor
Upgradable Circuitboards/CPU
Upgradable software
Future proof (at least as long as supported by RED :0)

That is how most of us would have liked to have had our Nikon and Canon DSLR's
made from the first beginning.
No nead to replace the whole fully working camera just to get a better sensor and
faster CPU!

Read more about it here!
Blog Image
Hand grip will be optional and detachable for maximum flexibility.

Blog Image
Red scarlet + coke can for size reference gives a hint of what to expect.
Read more about it here!

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