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Canon 5200mm F14 for sale

Seen and heardPosted by Stefan Thu, October 02, 2008 17:17:39
Canon Mirror Lens 5200mm 1:14 4 sale at Ebay

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This thing is huge, look at the canon camera body at the right end of this thing!
When you buy this lens, also get a Hummer H1 with a sturdy roof rack to use as
a tripod :0)

Canon company lens information below:

Canon Mirror Lens
5200mm 1:14

This is the only ultra-telephoto lens in the world capable of taking photographs of objects 18 to 32 miles away (30km to 52kms away). Having a focal length of 5200mm, Canon Mirror Lens 5200mm can obtain one hundred times as large an object image as that of a 50mm lens.
For focusing this mounted or fixed lens on an extremely distant object, two aiming telescopes are set on the side of the lens barrel, and the entire lens is placed on a rigid stand which rotates smoothly. Minimizing the overall length had been a big problem in designing this lens. However, the Catadioptric system that is applied to the other two Canon mirror lenses has succeeded in reducing it down to one third of the nominal focal length. In general focal length and optical aberration increase with each other, however, our long and persistent research and development have succeeded in solving this problem. Canon mirror lens 5200mm composed of spherical main and secondary mirrors and a correction lens would assure you of clear images.


Applications: For Canon SLR/DSLR cameras

Image Format Covered: Over 24x36mm

Focal Length: 5,150mm

Angular Fields of View: Over 36'

Exposure Control: Light quantity is controlled with the use of built-in ND filters

corresponding to 14, 16, 22, 32

Minimum Object Distance: 120 meters

Ambient Temperatures: 40'C—15'C


Optical Construction: 2 mirrors and 3 elements

Optical System: Catadioptric system

Focusing Operation: For still cameras: By moving Bellows 5200

Film plane movable type: Adjust by moving 27mm at 1000mm to infinity

Also capable of adjusting focus to 120m.

Size: 500 (wide) x 600 (high) x 1890mm (deep)


Weight: 100kg (220 lbs) without stand

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