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Microtek M1 / F1 review links!

Seen and heardPosted by Stefan Wed, May 28, 2008 20:56:26
I have just read the "Photoshop User" review of Microtek Artixscan M1
They seam to find it excellent and able to compete with scanners carrying
a by far higher price tag, they also points out the auto focus to be one of the
major advantages of this scanner.
No signs of problem with buggy software or slow scan times as heard elsewhere
so I ask myself was this rely an independent review?

Here are links to some Mikrotek Artixscan M1 and F1 reviews.
If you find a review not represented in my link lineup, pls send me an e-mail
and i will ad it to the list. esl(AT)home.se

Microtek M1 and F1 reviews found so far!

A Review by Guy Tal

Thats all for now :0)

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